Institute of Determination

What is Institute Of Determination?

Institute of Determination is a place where we support kids who find academics very challenging in their learning difficulties (Dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia). Various tools like videos, audio visual presentations, soft wares etc. are used to improve the way they learn.

Dates & Timings: There are three terms for IOD.

1ST Term April to June
2nd Term September to December
3rd Term January to March

The timings for our Dubai and Sharjah Campus for IOD are as follows:

Where: At the Dubai and Sharjah Office.

Age Group:  4 years onwards

Costs Involved:

If the student enrolls for IOD , the following fee structure will be applicable:

  1. Registration Fee: This is a one-time registration fee for enrolling in the school.
  2. Books: Involves the cost of books for the subjects opted by the student.
  3. Activities Fee: Students are taken out for various extra-curricular activities like swimming, sports and field trips.
  4. Lab fee: Cognitive skills development and Gross motor skills development.
  5. Counselling Fee: a counselling session with Dr. Alka is arranged for the student in the beginning. So in most cases, this fee is paid before the student signs up for IOD.
  6. Evaluation Test Fee: The entrance exam is to determine the appropriate academic level (Foundation, Beginners, Intermediate, Starters, Movers, Flyers) they should start with.
  7. Term exam fee: This fee is charged for the final exams for 3 terms in a year
  8. Tuition fee: This is the course fee which is charged for every term.
  9. Transportation fee: This fee involves both pick up and drop from the campus.
  10. Speech Therapy: If a student requires extra classes for speech therapy then only parents need to pay this fee.
  11. Special Requirement: This fee is charged for kids with special needs. Also, if in case you require special attention to be given to your child then you will be charged advance special requirement fees.
1 Registration fee (One time only) 1000
2 Books 250
3 Activities fee 450
4 Lab. fee 300
5 Evaluation test fee 100
6 Term exam fee 300
7 Counselling fee 250
Total 2650
(+) VAT (5% on total)
Grand Total 2650
April – June Sep – Dec Jan – Mar
1 Tuition fee 3000 4000 3000
2 Transport fee 900 1200 900
3 Speech therapy /Physiotherapy(optional) 600 800 600
4 Special requirement(Optional) 600 800 600
Total Term fee 5100 6800 5100
(+) VAT (5% on total) 255 340 255
Grand Total 5355 7140 5355

To sign up for this course either at Dubai or Sharjah, please Click here